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  Bowling Installations

Lou Trunk, Owner


Las Vegas, NV,

Lake Wales, FL



ABC - USBC Tournament Equipment Service Management since 1987.


AMF - QubicaAMF Bowling Equipment Specialists since 1977.



For more than a quarter of a century, Bowling Installations has been trusted with the care and maintenance of the "Crown Jewel" of bowling installations, The USBC Open Championships (formerly known as the ABC Championships Tournament). Doesn't your bowling equipment installation deserve the same attention to detail given to the USBC National Championships Tournament installation? Don't settle for less. Good equipment performance depends on careful installation. Buy quality QubicaAMF products and specify us to install your new equipment.




QubicaAMF Contractor Number 777698.





Bowling Equipment Installation and Removal Services Available:

• Pinspotters


• Lanes


• Scoring


• All other related bowling equipment


•  "Rejuvelane" synthetic lane rejuvenation



On-Site Pinspotter Training


We come to you and train pinspotter mechanics on the very equipment that you want to run better... not in some laboratory! In the process, most of your annoying trouble stops will be eliminated - guaranteed!

• Pinspotter care and adjustment


• Bowler inconvenience management


• Preventive maintenance


• Parts inventory management


• Trouble stop tracking/elimination